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Freie Grundschule Clara Schumann Leipzig mit Hort (Independent Primary School Clara Schumann Leipzig, with after-school centre)

Pupils experience a holistic primary education with us. They develop solid competences in traditional subjects, which they can then build upon successfully in subsequent schools. In addition, we also encourage the children to actively develop their creative and social skills. The aesthetic-artistic impulse that every child has is specifically targeted at our Independent Primary School Clara Schumann and its after-school centre. Educational offers in the fields of music, movement/dance and language enable the children to develop a fundamental extension to their ability to acquire skills and express themselves. In the intensive project work with the Leipziger Oper and Gewandhaus these abilities then find specific applications.

Freie Grundschule Christian Felix Weiße mit Hort (Independent Primary School Christian Felix Weiße, with after-school centre)

As a school with after-school centre and whole-day care, operating on the basis of the state timetable, we are characterised by the fact that school lessons and afternoon activities flow seamlessly into one another. Additional activities such as elementary music education, dance, chess, English and French structure the free time of the children. Naturally, the pupils still have sufficient time for the creative realisation of a range of different ideas. The carers and teachers assigned to the children assist them in their individual afternoon activities, in close co-operation with the teachers at the primary school. This means that the focus remains fixed upon the key objective of intensively preparing the children in the elementary subjects for their studies in the subsequent school. Our good collaboration with the Altenburger Theater provides the primary school children with the opportunity to interact and gain experience in the public space.

Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße 19

04600 Altenburg

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