Campus Graphisches Viertel Leipzig

In the centre of Leipzig, between Salomonstraße and Inselstraße, is the Campus Graphisches Viertel of the Rahn Dittrich Group. Where once publishing houses were based, a modern educational centre has been established. From 2014 onwards the site will include a middle school, in addition to a kindergarten, primary school, grammar school, music school and design college. This enables a high degree of permeability between the various school forms, amongst other advantages.

Kindertagespflege Leipzig

Die Rahn Education bietet 100 Betreuungsplätze bei 20 Tagespflegepersonen an, die in folgenden Stadtvierteln arbeiten: Zentrum-West, Gohlis, Reudnitz, Schleußig, Lindenau, Plagwitz, Leutzsch, Stötteritz, Engelsdorf, Schönefeld, Dölitz etc.
Die Kindertagespflege ist eine gesetzlich vorgesehene Betreuungsalternative zur Kindertagesstätte für Kinder im Alter von 9 Wochen bis 3 Jahren. Eine Tagespflegeperson betreut maximal 5 Kinder in eigenen oder speziell angemieteten Räumen. Jede unserer Tagespflegepersonen ist vom Verbund Kommunaler Kinder- und Jugendhilfe (VKKJ) der Stadt Leipzig geprüft und besitzt eine Pflegeerlaubnis. Die pädagogische Arbeit basiert auf dem sächsischen Bildungsplan sowie der individuellen Konzeption.

Freie Grundschule Clara Schumann Leipzig mit Hort (Independent Primary School Clara Schumann Leipzig, with after-school centre)

Pupils experience a holistic primary education with us. They develop solid competences in traditional subjects, which they can then build upon successfully in subsequent schools. In addition, we also encourage the children to actively develop their creative and social skills. The aesthetic-artistic impulse that every child has is specifically targeted at our Independent Primary School Clara Schumann and its after-school centre. Educational offers in the fields of music, movement/dance and language enable the children to develop a fundamental extension to their ability to acquire skills and express themselves. In the intensive project work with the Leipziger Oper and Gewandhaus these abilities then find specific applications.

Freie Oberschule Leipzig (Independent Middle School Leipzig)

We are a school that organises its teaching in the scope of the state timetable and places great emphasis on pupils developing humanity, a sense of responsibility and interrelated thought. They should learn to understand economic, technical and social processes. To provide the best foundation for working life, practically-oriented skills are taught and pupils are challenged to master complex tasks independently. The outstanding co-operation with the Leipzig Chamber of Commerce has proved its worth in this.

Kochstraße 28 a

04275 Leipzig

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Musikalisch-Sportliches Gymnasium Leipzig (Music/Sports Grammar School Leipzig)

We offer a high-quality alternative on the path towards the Abitur qualification. Lessons are business-oriented in an interesting manner and are taught in modern laboratories. This enables us to offer a learning atmosphere that promotes both creativity and intelligent curiosity. We offer in-depth education in the fields of music and musical education as well as sport and movement. Orchestra music and aikido martial arts can be easily combined here. Teaching takes the form of double lessons of 90 minutes with flexible break times. After lessons the pupils can choose between after-school clubs, individual extra tuition and supervised leisure activities in the facultative full-day care.

Salomonstraße 10

04103 Leipzig

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Musik und Kunstschule „Clara Schumann“ Leipzig (Clara Schumann School of Music and Art Leipzig)

The model of the Clara Schumann school of music and art has been successfully implemented four times thus far by the Rahn Dittrich Group. Each of these music schools provides a supporting range of offers for other establishments of the Rahn Dittrich Group and is also an independent unit in its own right. This means that our daycare centres and schools can utilise the resources of the music schools, whilst these are also open to other children and adolescents.

Instrumental lessons are given in the subjects piano, violin, recorder and flute, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, guitar and drums/percussion. Although not all instruments are covered as standard at every music school, our good interlinking means that it is possible for arrangements to be made on request. Experienced teachers with music teaching qualifications teach the standard musical styles such as classic, rock, pop, jazz and new music. In this they employ individual and flexible forms of teaching. The range is rounded off with courses and supplementary lessons in percussion/rhythm, ensemble, choir, voice training, dance, composition and music theory.

Freie Fachoberschule Leipzig (Leipzig Vocational School)

Our vocational schools in Leipzig and Fürstenwalde lead to the university of applied science entrance qualification in four subjects: Social Studies, Technology and Business and Administration. Regardless of the direction that a pupil chooses to follow, we always aim to combine theoretical knowledge with practice-relevant skills. To achieve this, we maintain interesting co-operative links with partners in the respective sectors.

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