Campus im Stift Neuzelle

Im historischen Zisterzienser-Kloster von Neuzelle wurden in den letzten zehn Jahren sehr erfolgreich ein international ausgerichtetes Gymnasium mit Internat und eine Oberschule in einem gemeinsamen  Campus  aufgebaut. Dabei hat es sich angeboten, die Musik­ und Kunstschule in die Campus­ Struktur einzubinden. Mit Mitteln des Europaprojektes Deutsch­-Polnische Bildungsbrücke werden die Gebäude des Klosters auch weiterhin zweckgebunden renoviert und ausgebaut. Die Rahn Schulen bewirtschaften das kulturhistorisch einmalige Ensemble.

Stift Neuzelle

The Cistercian monastery of Neuzelle, which houses both the boarding school and the schools of the Rahn Dittrich Group, was established in 1268 by the Margrave of Meissen. Today it is one of the few remaining wholly-preserved monastery complexes in Europe and was reconstructed in the 17th century in the South German Baroque style. After reunification, an initiative of the district parliament in 1996 led to the establishment of the Stift Neuzelle Foundation as a foundation of the state of Brandenburg under public law. The task of the foundation is to make the former monastery open to the public at large, as well as to encourage the location of science, education and culture there.

In close co-operation with this foundation the Rahn Dittrich Group established its first boarding school, a grammar school and a music school in the former monastery in 2003. Since 2009 the independent secondary has further enhanced the range of educational offers on this unique site, which has been infused with new life in the form of the approximately 500 pupils from the surrounding area and throughout the world.

Freie Oberschule im Stift Neuzelle (Independent Secondary School in Stift Neuzelle)

We are a partially integrative school with grades 7 - 10, following the school laws of the state of Brandenburg. Embedded in the architecture of the former Cistercian monastery, in addition to the general subjects we also provide a range of whole-day activities such as theatre, gospel choir, sport, school radio and flying. In addition, in projects such as the stock exchange planning game and our international partnerships the pupils gain a better understanding of the world in all of its complexities. Our objective is to support each pupil in optimally developing their own potential and interests; because whilst some will target vocational training, others will want to take the opportunity to continue their studies at grammar school. With us it is possible to move between the different school forms at any time.

Freies Gymnasium im Stift Neuzelle (Grammar school in Stift Neuzelle)

Our school has three focal points: firstly, the grammar school is a school with a state-approved international nature, with the consequence that children are enrolled here whose parents do not live in Germany. German-Polish interaction is supported in particular. A second characteristic is the linguistic and musical-artistic alignment with the focal competence music. Thirdly, we emphasise socio-communicative education aspects. Our motto "Strengthening people - expanding horizons" is a key line running throughout our school concept.

As a full-day school in open form, pupils can stay in our rooms and facilities between the hours of 7 am and 5 pm. Regular lessons take place in the mornings. Following this, the pupils can take advantage of extracurricular educational activities or attend clubs that are supervised by teachers or organised by the pupils themselves.

Boarding school at Stift Neuzelle

Our boarding school is open to pupils of the secondary school and grammar school at Stift Neuzelle and is designed to house approximately 90 young people. They live in a historic building in modern 1 or 2-bed rooms, equipped with showers and toilets. The building offers WLAN and a weights and fitness room, recreation rooms and various options for tranquillity. The boarding school grounds offer ample space for a range of different leisure options. We offer boarders a large selection of activities and events, which they can avail themselves of on free afternoons, evenings and at the weekends. The boarding school forms a structural and pedagogical unit with the two schools, enabling and ongoing, constructive interaction between carers and teachers. As the campus also includes a music school, singing or instrumental lessons are closely associated with the everyday routine.

Stiftsplatz 7

15898 Neuzelle

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Phone: +49 341 3939-2910

Musik und Kunstschule „Clara Schumann“ Neuzelle (Clara Schumann School of Music and Art Neuzelle)

The model of the Clara Schumann school of music and art has been successfully implemented four times thus far by the Rahn Dittrich Group. Each of these music schools provides a supporting range of offers for other establishments of the Rahn Dittrich Group and is also an independent unit in its own right. This means that our daycare centres and schools can utilise the resources of the music schools, whilst these are also open to other children and adolescents.

Instrumental lessons are given in the subjects piano, violin, recorder and flute, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, guitar and drums/percussion. Although not all instruments are covered as standard at every music school, our good interlinking means that it is possible for arrangements to be made on request. Experienced teachers with music teaching qualifications teach the standard musical styles such as classic, rock, pop, jazz and new music. In this they employ individual and flexible forms of teaching. The range is rounded off with courses and supplementary lessons in percussion/rhythm, ensemble, choir, voice training, dance, composition and music theory.

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