Campus am Spreebogen

In Fürstenwalde ist es gelungen, aus den nahe beieinander gelegenen Einrichtungen der Rahn Schulen einen Campus zu formen. Durch die enge Zusammenarbeit von der Kindertagesstätte über die Grundschule, die integrierte Musik- und Kunstschule bis hin zur freien Oberschule und die Fachoberschule ergeben sich viele Effizienzvorteile für alle Beteiligten. Die Schülerinnen und Schüler profitieren von der hohen Durchlässigkeit zwischen den Schulformen 


Freie Fachoberschule Fürstenwalde (Fürstenwalde Vocational School)

Our vocational schools in Leipzig and Fürstenwalde lead to the university of applied science entrance qualification in four subjects: Design, Social Studies, Technology and Business and Administration. Regardless of the direction that a pupil chooses to follow, we always aim to combine theoretical knowledge with practice-relevant skills. To achieve this, we maintain interesting co-operative links with partners in the respective sectors.

Freie Oberschule Fürstenwalde (Independent Secondary School Fürstenwalde)

Our clear objective is to be a school in which learning is enjoyable and new performance levels can be achieved. The pupils stand in the focus of our efforts to create a lively learning environment that encourages continuous improvement in performance. As preparation for vocational training and working life, in addition to the general subjects of grades 7 – 10 we also offer a range of study groups and teach how to interact with modern communication methods.

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15517 Fürstenwalde

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Musik und Kunstschule „Clara Schumann“ Fürstenwalde (Clara Schumann School of Music and Art Fürstenwalde)

The model of the Clara Schumann school of music and art has been successfully implemented four times thus far by the Rahn Education. Each of these music schools provides a supporting range of offers for other establishments of the Rahn Dittrich Group and is also an independent unit in its own right. This means that our daycare centres and schools can utilise the resources of the music schools, whilst these are also open to other children and adolescents.

Instrumental lessons are given in the subjects piano, violin, recorder and flute, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, guitar and drums/percussion. Although not all instruments are covered as standard at every music school, our good interlinking means that it is possible for arrangements to be made on request. Experienced teachers with music teaching qualifications teach the standard musical styles such as classic, rock, pop, jazz and new music. In this they employ individual and flexible forms of teaching. The range is rounded off with courses and supplementary lessons in percussion/rhythm, ensemble, choir, voice training, dance, composition and music theory.

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