Extending own abilities

There is no disputing that professional life takes up a large portion of our time and energies.

This not only concerns earning a living, but also the development of creative energy in people. The question is not whether we live to work or work to live. Productivity is more a key aspect of quality of life, beyond material existential security and the satisfying of requirements. Enduring satisfaction is gained from obtaining the optimum from our potential. In addition to material requirements, we also have the need to live a life that is meaningful and to develop ourselves further.

The vocational schools and the business academy of the Rahn Dittrich Group see their primary task as leading people to the skills and knowledge that they require in order to carry out their profession with increasing success. This philosophy is also adhered to in our international training and further training projects. We apply the know-how that we have acquired here in Germany, particularly at the business academy, to bear in Egypt, Poland, Russia and Hungary, because we want to contribute to healthy business and social development, as well as international understanding.

Stefan Gremplinski

"We place equal emphasis on all subjects, our teaching programme knows no "minor subjects", the general subjects are also very important as preparation for life and career."

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