Music and art schools

Musikschule „Clara Schumann“ (Clara Schumann Music School)

Instrumental lessons are given in the subjects piano, violin, recorder and flute, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, guitar and drums/percussion. Although not all instruments are covered as standard at every music school, our good interlinking means that it is possible for arrangements to be made on request. Experienced teachers with music teaching qualifications teach the standard musical styles such as classic, rock, pop, jazz and new music. In this they employ individual and flexible forms of teaching. The range is rounded off with courses and supplementary lessons in percussion/rhythm, ensemble, choir, voice training, dance, composition and music theory.

Local branch Leipzig

Inselstraße 18

04103 Leipzig

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Local branch Altenburg

Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße 19

04600 Altenburg

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Local branch Fürstenwalde

Eisenbahnstraße 19

15517 Fürstenwalde

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Local branch Neuzelle

Stiftsplatz 7

15898 Neuzelle

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