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Musikalisch-Sportliches Gymnasium Leipzig (Music/Sports Grammar School Leipzig)

We offer a high-quality alternative on the path towards the Abitur qualification. Lessons are business-oriented in an interesting manner and are taught in modern laboratories. This enables us to offer a learning atmosphere that promotes both creativity and intelligent curiosity. We offer in-depth education in the fields of music and musical education as well as sport and movement. Orchestra music and aikido martial arts can be easily combined here. Teaching takes the form of double lessons of 90 minutes with flexible break times. After lessons the pupils can choose between after-school clubs, individual extra tuition and supervised leisure activities in the facultative full-day care.

Salomonstraße 10

04103 Leipzig

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Freies Gymnasium im Stift Neuzelle (Grammar school in Stift Neuzelle)

Our school has three focal points: firstly, the grammar school is a school with a state-approved international nature, with the consequence that children are enrolled here whose parents do not live in Germany. German-Polish interaction is supported in particular. A second characteristic is the linguistic and musical-artistic alignment with the focal competence music. Thirdly, we emphasise socio-communicative education aspects. Our motto "Strengthening people - expanding horizons" is a key line running throughout our school concept.

As a full-day school in open form, pupils can stay in our rooms and facilities between the hours of 7 am and 5 pm. Regular lessons take place in the mornings. Following this, the pupils can take advantage of extracurricular educational activities or attend clubs that are supervised by teachers or organised by the pupils themselves.

Freies Gymnasium Gröningen

Zum Beginn des Schuljahres 2016/2017 hat das Freie Gymnasium Gröningen seinen Schulbetrieb mit 21 Schülerinnen und Schülern aufgenommen. Perspektivisch wird das Freie Gymnasium Gröningen in einen Neubau ziehen und dort mit jedem weiteren Schuljahr sukzessive wachsen. Gemeinsam mit der bereits seit 2011 existierenden Freien Sekundarschule Gröningen von Rahn Education sowie weiteren Bildungseinrichtungen der Verbandsgemeinde wird so das Modell des Börde Campus, das bereits im Stadtentwicklungskonzept von Gröningen integriert ist, nach und nach mit Leben gefüllt.

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