Middle schools and secondary schools

Freie Oberschule Leipzig (Independent Middle School Leipzig)

We are a school that organises its teaching in the scope of the state timetable and places great emphasis on pupils developing humanity, a sense of responsibility and interrelated thought. They should learn to understand economic, technical and social processes. To provide the best foundation for working life, practically-oriented skills are taught and pupils are challenged to master complex tasks independently. The outstanding co-operation with the Leipzig Chamber of Commerce has proved its worth in this.

Kochstraße 28 a

04275 Leipzig

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Freie Oberschule Fürstenwalde (Independent Secondary School Fürstenwalde)

Our clear objective is to be a school in which learning is enjoyable and new performance levels can be achieved. The pupils stand in the focus of our efforts to create a lively learning environment that encourages continuous improvement in performance. As preparation for vocational training and working life, in addition to the general subjects of grades 7 – 10 we also offer a range of study groups and teach how to interact with modern communication methods.

Goetheplatz 15 a

15517 Fürstenwalde

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Freie Oberschule im Stift Neuzelle (Independent Secondary School in Stift Neuzelle)

We are a partially integrative school with grades 7 - 10, following the school laws of the state of Brandenburg. Embedded in the architecture of the former Cistercian monastery, in addition to the general subjects we also provide a range of whole-day activities such as theatre, gospel choir, sport, school radio and flying. In addition, in projects such as the stock exchange planning game and our international partnerships the pupils gain a better understanding of the world in all of its complexities. Our objective is to support each pupil in optimally developing their own potential and interests; because whilst some will target vocational training, others will want to take the opportunity to continue their studies at grammar school. With us it is possible to move between the different school forms at any time.

Freie Sekundarschule Gröningen (Independent Secondary School Gröningen)

The Independent Secondary School in Gröningen is the first establishment of the Rahn Dittrich Group subsidiary educado campus gemeinnützige Gesellschaft für Bildung und Kultur mbH. educado campus stands for a highly holistic educational approach. This includes the individual and targeted promotion of the pupils as well as the transparency and permeability of the social environment and public. The Independent Secondary School in Gröningen is particularly characterised by its early promotion of vocational orientation.

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