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Gotthard Dittrich
Gotthard Dittrich
Managing Director

The Rahn Dittrich Group has been growing continuously for over 20 years and has established itself as a key provider of educational services.

Our approximately 450 employees deliver pedagogical support, education and vocational training to approximately 4,500 pupils and students each year, at a total of 19 educational establishments in Germany and abroad. Over the years it has become evident that quality wins through in the long run, particularly in the education sector and in an educational landscape that is undergoing transition. For us, rapid growth is less important than retaining our ability to adapt: to changing political framework conditions and new, altered demand criteria of our target groups. Our passion for education is embedded in an SME corporate structure and culture that we believe guarantees the long-term sustainability of our efforts. The activities of the Rahn Dittrich Group are co-ordinated from the administrative centre, located at the Campus Graphisches Viertel in Leipzig.


Salomonstraße 10
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